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Thanksgiving Activites

Thanksgiving Activites


Get ready for a Thanksgiving extravaganza that's more exciting than a turkey doing the cha-cha! We've cooked up some Google slides goodness for you, and it's all about giving thanks with a side of fun.

🍽️ What's Cookin' for Thanksgiving? Prepare for a feast of choices! Students get to play chef and decide what delectable delights will grace their Thanksgiving plate. Is it a turkey tango or a mashed potato mambo? The power is in their hands!

🔥 Fire or Ick - The Great Thanksgiving Showdown! It's time for the ultimate food face-off! Think of it as This or That, but with a Thanksgiving twist. Students must decide which dishes are straight fire and which ones are a total ick. 

🎶 Gratitude Playlist Party What's a celebration without a killer soundtrack? Students can choose the tunes that set the vibe for their Thanksgiving festivities. It's time to make a playlist that'll have everyone grooving with gratitude.

💬 Spill the Gratitude Beans Get ready for some heartwarming moments as students spill the beans on what they're truly thankful for. It's not just about the food; it's about the feels! Each student gets to explain three things they're grateful for.

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