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St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Reflections+ Pixel Art Unscramble Activity

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Reflections+ Pixel Art Unscramble Activity


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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your classroom with the St. Patrick's Day SEL Check-In Interactive Activity and Pixel Art Interactive Unscramble Activity. This engaging, Google Slides interactive activity set is designed to enhance your students' social emotional learning (SEL) while embracing the spirit of love, luck, positivity, goals, and empathy. 




St. Patrick's Day Themed SEL Reflections: Immerse your students in meaningful reflections related to empathy, goals, and positivity. St. Patrick's Day is often about joy and celebration, but not everyone might be in a festive mood. Encourage your students to explore how they can show empathy to someone who might be feeling left out or down. Dive into discussions about their ultimate "pot of gold" goals and dreams, and share tales of lucky or fortunate moments.


St. Patrick's Day This or That (Interactive SEL Activity): Add an exciting twist to decision-making with this interactive activity. Students navigate through various fun scenarios, dragging a heart to their choice. This engaging activity encourages students to think critically and express their preferences while embracing the playful spirit of St. Patrick's Day.


St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather (Interactive Activity): Keep the St. Patrick's Day spirit alive with this interactive SEL activity. Students drag a clover to their preference in a series of lucky dilemmas. Perfect for encouraging discussion and laughter among  students, this activity fosters a positive and inclusive classroom environment.


Mood Check-In (Emotional Check-In Activity): A vital component of social emotional learning, this activity allows students to reflect on and share their current emotions in a supportive environment. Foster a sense of community as students connect through open discussions about their feelings, creating a classroom atmosphere filled with understanding and empathy.


St. Patrick's Day Pixel Art Unscramble: Challenge your students to reveal the mystery picture by unscrambling the St. Patrick's Day words!


Spread the luck and positive vibes with the St. Patrick's Day SEL Check-In Interactive Activity—a unique blend of social emotional learning and St. Patrick's Day fun. It's not just an interactive activity; it's a journey into the hearts and minds of your students. Embrace the celebration while nurturing essential SEL skills in your classroom

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