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Spring Break Themed  Printable Set

Spring Break Themed Printable Set


Celebrate Spring in your classroom with our Before and After Spring Break SEL Printables. This engaging activity packet, available in Google Slides, is crafted to foster reflection and social-emotional learning (SEL) before and after the much-anticipated spring break. Infused with fun spring-themed activities, these printables are designed to seamlessly integrate into your classroom routine, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and growth.




Spring Break Playlist: Set the mood with the perfect spring break playlist! Students can curate their own playlist within a cell phone template, adding a modern twist to their creative expression while setting the tone for reflection.


Would You Rather + This or That Questions: Provide a moment of lighthearted decision-making with fun questions, sparking laughter and discussion among peers, and promoting critical thinking skills.


Spring Break Highlight Reel: Encourage students to capture the essence of their spring break memories by creating a highlight moment. They can draw a picture and write a caption to preserve their most cherished moments, fostering gratitude and positive reflection.


Spring Break Recap Gratitude: Radiate spring break vibes by reflecting on moments of joy and appreciation. Students fill in three suns with things or people that brought them happiness during the break, cultivating a sense of gratitude and mindfulness.


Spring Break Recap End of Year Goals: Promote goal-setting and growth mindset by prompting students to outline three goals for the remainder of the school year. Encourage them to include actionable steps, fostering accountability and a sense of purpose.


Spring Break Recap: What’s Your Spring Break Story?: Ignite imaginations as students craft their spring break adventures into a captivating story. They create a title and outline the most exciting or memorable chapters, promoting creativity and narrative skills.


Spring-inspired Coloring Page: Offer a moment of relaxation and self-expression with a spring-inspired coloring page, allowing students to unwind while tapping into their creativity.


Spring Break Word Search: Engage students in an educational and enjoyable activity with a spring-themed word search, reinforcing vocabulary and language skills in a fun way.


Infuse your classroom with the vibrancy of spring while nurturing reflection, creativity, and social-emotional learning with our Before and After Spring Break SEL Printables. Dive into the season with this comprehensive activity packet, designed to spark joy and foster meaningful connections among students.

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