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Spring Break Recap SEL activity

Spring Break Recap SEL activity


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Elevate your  classroom experience with our engaging "Spring Break Social Media Themed Spring Break Activity." This dynamic resource is designed to bring a touch of creativity and social-emotional learning (SEL) into your post-spring break classroom routine.




SEL-Infused Activities: Transform your classroom with this powerful tool, fostering emotional awareness and a sense of belonging among your  students. This Google Slides activity is more than just an exercise; it's a structured platform for students to delve into their experiences, reflect on their spring break, and set meaningful intentions for the rest of the school year.


Unlock the Power of SEL: This resource encourages students to connect with their emotions, fostering personal growth. The spring-themed activities are designed to help students embrace their feelings and connect with their peers on a deeper level.


Engaging Social Media Themed Activities: Inside this resource, discover a variety of activities that spark creativity and meaningful discussions:

  • Create Your Spring Break Vibes Playlist: Encourage individuality as students curate their personal playlists based on the vibes of their break.

  • Spring Break Social Media Reel: Foster connection as students create a social media-style highlight reel, sharing their spring break highlights.

  • Spring-themed This or That and Would You Rather Questions: Promote empathy and communication with thought-provoking questions that spark meaningful discussions.

  • Spring Break Reflections and Recap: If spring break were a story, what would be the title, and what are the three most exciting or memorable chapters? Encourage students to describe the adventures, discoveries, or moments that made their spring break special.

  • End of Year Goals: Instill purpose and motivation by guiding students to set three achievable goals for the remainder of the school year.


Ideal for Morning Meetings and Early Finishers: This versatile resource is perfect for SEL-focused morning meetings, providing depth and structure to your classroom's social and emotional learning. It also keeps early finishers actively engaged in a meaningful post-spring break activity.

Transform your classroom into a hub of creativity, reflection, and connection with our "Spring Break Social Media Themed Spring Break Activity." Your students will not only enjoy the activities but also gain valuable insights into their own emotions and goals.

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