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MLK Printables  x Frosty Feel Winter Check in

MLK Printables x Frosty Feel Winter Check in


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This bundle includes 5 NO Prep Martin Luther King Jr Printables and Frosty Feels Winter Check In! Students have the opportunity to explore and learn more about MLK AND check in on thier vibe and feels using the winter themed SEL Check In! Both products are made using Google Slides. The printables are 8.5 x 11 in!



Winter Themed Check-In Features:

  • Snowflakes Smiles: This winter themed check-in activity is all about spreading winter cheer! Students will have a blast expressing their emotions through creative means. With Snowflakes Smiles, they can create virtual posts about their favorite people, complete with written messages, images, or GIFs. It's a fun and relatable way for students to engage in an emotional check-in.
  • Social Media Post (Winter SEL Activity): Dive into the social media craze with an SEL twist! Our Social Media Post activity allows students to express their feelings in a virtual format. They can craft posts about their favorite individuals, showcasing their winter-themed messages and graphics. This interactive exercise brings a sense of fun and modernity to emotional check-ins.
  • Frosty Beats (Interactive Activity): Let the rhythm of love flow with Frosty Beats! In this interactive activity, students can share the music that gets them into the frosty winter vibe. It fosters a sense of community and shared experiences, allowing your students to connect through their favorite tunes.
  • Winter Themed This or That (Interactive SEL Activity): Give decision-making a wintry twist with our This or That activity! Students will enjoy dragging a penguin to their choice in various fun scenarios. This engaging exercise encourages students to think critically and express their preferences while having a blast.
  • Winter Would You Rather (Interactive Activity): Keep the Frosty Feels Winter spirit alive with our Would You Rather activity! Students get to make whimsical winter-themed choices by dragging a penguin to their preference. It's perfect for encouraging discussion and laughter among students, creating a joyful classroom atmosphere.
  • Mood Check-In (Emotional Check-In Activity): As a vital component of social emotional learning, our Mood Check-In activity allows students to reflect on and share their current emotions in a supportive environment. It's an essential tool for promoting empathy and emotional well-being among your students.


What's Included (MLK Printables)

  • MLK Comprehension Passage: Enhance reading skills with an engaging comprehension passage about Martin Luther King Jr. This printable is tailored to provide valuable insights into MLK's life and achievements during Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.
  • Fact or Opinion Worksheet: Challenge your students with a fact or opinion worksheet that revolves around MLK's impactful journey. This printable encourages critical thinking and helps students distinguish between factual information and personal viewpoints.
  • Writing a Letter Activity: Enhance and practice writing skills using this letter writing activity. Your  students will put themselves into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s shoes and think about a dream you have for a happier world where everyone is treated nicely. Your students will be writing a letter to their friend to explain to them about their dream and how you can all be kind and help each other.
  • Coloring Page: Dive into creativity with an MLK Day-themed coloring page. This artistic printable allows  students to connect with Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy in a colorful and interactive way.
  • Word Search: Reinforce key vocabulary and concepts related to MLK Day and Black History Month with a fun and educational word search. This activity is perfect for  students to familiarize themselves with important terms associated with Martin Luther King Jr.
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