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Minecraft-Style Place Value Activity (Digital & Printable)

Minecraft-Style Place Value Activity (Digital & Printable)


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Place value helps students to understand the value of digits, but DO IT MINECRAFT STYLE! Students can build their knowledge of place value by building numbers on the Minecraft-style Place Value Activity. The activity can be used for many things in the classroom, such as review, math centers, independent practice, and for games!


*The product comes in a PDF and Google Slides. *

Printable version: There are 36 building block task cards for students to draw or use base ten block manipulatives onto the chart. There are activity directions, 18 2-digit task cards, and 18 3-digit task cards. 

Digital Version: There are 36 task card slides, with base ten blocks on each slide. The students will drag and drop the base ten blocks to build the numbers!


Ideas for use:

-laminating the task cards and place value chart for students to draw their base ten blocks

-use manipulatives for students show their understanding concretely

-using digital version for independent practice on Google Classroom!



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