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Frosty Feels: Winter Check In

Frosty Feels: Winter Check In


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Are you looking for a creative and engaging way to foster social emotional learning during the winter season? Look no further! Our Winter Themed Check-In is the perfect resource to promote emotional well-being and build a positive classroom community.


Winter Themed Check-In Features:

  • Snowflakes Smiles: This winter themed check-in activity is all about spreading winter cheer! Students will have a blast expressing their emotions through creative means. With Snowflakes Smiles, they can create virtual posts about their favorite people, complete with written messages, images, or GIFs. It's a fun and relatable way for students to engage in an emotional check-in.
  • Social Media Post (Winter SEL Activity): Dive into the social media craze with an SEL twist! Our Social Media Post activity allows students to express their feelings in a virtual format. They can craft posts about their favorite individuals, showcasing their winter-themed messages and graphics. This interactive exercise brings a sense of fun and modernity to emotional check-ins.
  • Frosty Beats (Interactive Activity): Let the rhythm of love flow with Frosty Beats! In this interactive activity, students can share the music that gets them into the frosty winter vibe. It fosters a sense of community and shared experiences, allowing your students to connect through their favorite tunes.
  • Winter Themed This or That (Interactive SEL Activity): Give decision-making a wintry twist with our This or That activity! Students will enjoy dragging a penguin to their choice in various fun scenarios. This engaging exercise encourages students to think critically and express their preferences while having a blast.
  • Winter Would You Rather (Interactive Activity): Keep the Frosty Feels Winter spirit alive with our Would You Rather activity! Students get to make whimsical winter-themed choices by dragging a penguin to their preference. It's perfect for encouraging discussion and laughter among students, creating a joyful classroom atmosphere.
  • Mood Check-In (Emotional Check-In Activity): As a vital component of social emotional learning, our Mood Check-In activity allows students to reflect on and share their current emotions in a supportive environment. It's an essential tool for promoting empathy and emotional well-being among your students.


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