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Escape Earth: Mission Eco-Rescue

Escape Earth: Mission Eco-Rescue


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Introducing "Earth Day Escape Room" - an interactive activity designed for students to celebrate Earth Day while honing their problem-solving skills!

Embark on an epic adventure to clean up the environment, master the secrets of renewable energy, and take on the challenge of climate change. Your mission is clear: Save the planet in this thrilling escape room experience!


Team Building & Collaboration: This Earth Day Escape Room isn't just a game - it's a chance for students to work together, combining their strengths and ideas to solve puzzles and advance through levels. It's the perfect opportunity for students to experience the power of teamwork and collaborative problem-solving.


Engaging & Interactive Puzzles: Get ready for a series of exciting puzzles, engaging riddles, and brain-teasers, all centered around Earth Day and environmental conservation. These interactive elements ensure that students are fully engaged and invested in their mission to save the planet!

Self-Checking for Independent Learning: Our Earth Day Escape Room features self-checking elements, making it an ideal independent activity for students. They can learn and explore at their own pace while still enjoying the essence of teamwork and collaboration.


Designed Using Google Slides: Crafted meticulously using Google Slides, this escape room offers a seamless, interactive experience for students. Its digital format makes it easily accessible and user-friendly, perfect for today's tech-savvy classrooms.


Get ready for an Earth Day celebration like no other! Join the mission to save the planet with our "Earth Day Escape Room" and let the adventure begin! 🌎🔍

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