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End of Year Summer Themed Printables

End of Year Summer Themed Printables


Elevate your classroom experience with our engaging End of Year Summer Themed SEL Printables Activities. Designed to infuse creativity and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into your end-of-school-year routine, this dynamic resource offers 8 worksheets to enrich your classroom environment.



SEL-Infused Activities: Transform your classroom with this powerful tool, fostering emotional awareness and a sense of belonging among your students. These printables provide a structured platform for students to delve into their experiences, reflect on the school year, and set meaningful intentions for the remaining school year and summer break.


Unlock the Power of SEL: Encourage personal growth as students connect with their emotions through engaging activities designed to help them embrace their feelings and deepen peer connections. 


Create Your Summer Vibes Playlist: Encourage individuality as students curate their personal playlists based on the vibes of the upcoming summer.

Summer-themed This or That and Would You Rather Questions: Promote empathy and communication with thought-provoking questions that spark meaningful discussions.


End of Year Reflection Letter: Pen a note to their future selves, diving into the journey of growth and wins during the school year and dreaming up plans for a summer filled with excitement and adventure!


Summer Break Bucket List: Summer is just around the corner! Students list their must-do activities before the season ends, fostering anticipation and goal-setting.


Popsicle/Ice Cream Emotions: Imagine emotions as popsicle flavors. Students choose a flavor representing their feelings toward the end of the school year or the upcoming summer break, explaining their choice and decorating a popsicle accordingly.


Summer Themed Word Search and Unscramble: Students are challenged to find and unscramble summer and end-of-year words, enhancing vocabulary.


End of Year Memory Snapshot: Students reflect on the school year, writing and drawing end-of-year memories, fostering reflection and appreciation.

Summer Themed Coloring Page: Students use mindfulness and relaxation techniques while coloring a summer-themed page, promoting focus and stress relief.


Ideal for Morning Meetings and Early Finishers: This versatile resource is perfect for SEL-focused morning meetings, providing depth and structure to your classroom's social and emotional learning. It also keeps early finishers actively engaged in a meaningful end-of-year activity.

Transform your classroom into a hub of creativity, reflection, and connection with our End of Year Summer Themed SEL Printables Activities. Your students will not only enjoy the activities but also gain valuable insights into their own emotions and goals.

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