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Class Reward Coupons

Class Reward Coupons


Let's promote positive behavior! Classroom Reward Coupons are a great way to motivate students to demonstrate positive behavior! These coupons are Boho Rainbow style! The rewards can be used as whole classroom rewards and individual student rewards.

What's included:

  • Border header (Portrait and Landscape Style)
  • 16 rewards
  • 3 open pages to add your own rewards


Rewards Included:

  • Lunch with the teacher
  • Sit with a friend
  • Stuffie Reward
  • Skip Homework
  • Pen Reward
  • Skip Morning Work
  • Computer Pass
  • Positive Note Home
  • Game Time
  • Sticker Reward
  • Drawing Pass
  • Get Out of Jail Pass (earn recess back)
  • Dance Party
  • Let's Vibe (play music)
  • Star Student
  • Late Pass
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